Watersmith Pipe Organs was established in 1986 by
Robert N. Waters and Andrew T. Smith
Our firm specializes in the construction of new
mechanical-action organs and the restoration and
rebuilding of worthy old instruments, including
those with tubular-pneumatic action, and reed organs.

"Our extensive study of old and new European and American organs contributes to our knowledge of diverse styles. This knowledge enables us to produce instruments to meet any specific architectural, tonal, and musical need. Like all good instruments of every country and historic period, a Watersmith organ is a fulfilling adjunct in the daily worship of the church, and a fresh inspiration for future organists and composers."

About Our Company

New Organs

Custom-designed, constructed, and voiced for its setting, a new Watersmith organ is an enduring and beautiful instrument combining the timeless elements of the organ builder's craft with the best in modern-day materials and production methods. For instance, in our mechanical-action, slider-chest organs, we can provide electric stop and combination actions, a distinct advantage in larger instruments. For those clients who feel that they cannot afford a new tracker organ, we can build an organ with "prepared" stops: space is left in the organ for the addition of' more stops as funds permit. We also have a large selection of used pipework k which, when appropriately used, can result in significant savings.

Rebuilt Organs

Many customers prefer a rebuilt used organ, or the historic restoration of their present instrument. In collaboration with the Organ Clearing House of Harrisville, New Hampshire, we have access to hundreds of available old organs. Such an instrument can be restored to "like new" mechanical condition, and tonal changes can be made to meet any specific need. The resulting instrument has all the mechanical and tonal advantages of a "new" organ, often at a fraction of the cost.


For our pipework, we employ a variety of metal alloys, depending on the specific requirements of each stop. Hammered metal is used for both flues and reeds when its unique tonal characteristics are desired. Reeds are normally manufactured in the French style, using historical scales and shallots. We employ full-length reed resonators, resulting in a wide range of harmonics without sacrificing a strong fundamental. Wood pipes are made from seasoned hard and soft woods of the highest quality. When we do not make our own pipes, we engage the finest European and American suppliers to manufacture them to our strict specifications and scalings. Whether made by us or others, we voice all pipework. In addition, each organ receives a meticulous tonal finishing after installation.


We tune and maintain all types of pipe organs throughout the Northeast. We are available for emergency work, and are willing to show church members and organists how to perform simple service and repairs. Maintenance can be by written or verbal agreement, and we try to schedule Christmas and Easter tunings by "neighborhood" so that our travel expenses can be shared by several churches.

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